Team Logos

     These are a collection of  team logos that I created to be part of the  Dominus brand. The logos themselves were created in Illustrator. Mocks were done in Photoshop. I took the photos and created the uniform mocks.

Team Wolf House

Wolf Team Team Logo
Wolf House Team Apparel
Wolf House Team Fighter Uniform Shane Otto Bleicher shirtless

Team Dark Demon

Dark DemonTeam Logo
Dark Demon team fighter Uniform Todd Espenshade shirtless
Dark DemonTeam uniform and apparel

Team Freedom Force

Freedom Force Team Apparel ad uniform
Freedom Force Team Uniform Kelso Brandom Redcay Shirtless

Team Cage Kings

Cage King Team Logo
Cage King Team Fighter uniform DJ Dewit Moore Shirtless
Cage King Team Apparel and Uniform

Team Wild Warriors

Wild Warrior Team Logo
Wild Warrior Team fighter Uniform James Copley Shirtless
Wild Warrior Team Apparel and uniform

Team Golden Dragons

Golden Dragon Team Logo
Golden Dragon Team Apparel and unform
Golden Dragon Team Fighter Uniform John Vols Shirtless

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