Here's a little bit more about me...
My name is Israel Rodriguez and I am a graphic designer and artist. I graduated from Wilkes University with a bachelor's degree in Digital Design & Media Art and a minor in fine art. I choose my career path as I am creator. I love to plan, design, express, and manifest my thoughts and ideas through various forms.  To me the act of creating is simply part of the process of sharing  ideas, a crucial part of the human experience.
Challenges and curiosity serve as my greatest sources of motivation. I see new challenges  as a way to test and improve my intelligence, patience, work ethic, and resolve. Plus, challenges are a great remedy for boredom and stagnancy. Meanwhile curiosity encourages me to try new and unfamiliar things. It gives me the drive to always want to gain a greater knowledge of the world.
I actually began my creative career as a fine artist. I’ve tried out many different media such as drawing, pen illustration, painting and even printmaking. In fact my fine art background still influences my creative process. Usually I begin my projects and ideas on paper. I sketch and write my plans to form a visual skeleton. I then choose some of my drawings and bring them into the digital world. I excel  with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, and am familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite. However I am not afraid to expand my digital creation into other programs. I love to learn and aspire to grow.
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