throughout my life I have come to realize that I have a unique and creative mindset. However, I struggled to understand, cope, and coexist with my mind. In the past I struggled to express myself with speaking, writing and even physical expression, and then I discovered Art. It became the way I communicate with my mind while enjoying myself, the experience, and the product.
For me art is a personal experience of self-discovery that others can see. It was artistic media that seemed to listen to my raw inner thoughts and emotions.  Art is what happens when my eyes, hands, and conscious mind come together and visually display my subconscious in a way that I can later interpret and process
Therefore I am an instinctual artist. Part of my own personal artistic philosophy is that deep down in my own mind I already know how to create my art. It is all the pauses, self-doubt, inhibitions, personal restraints, and second guesses that detach an artist for the true meaning of their work. So all the colors, compositions, sizes, backgrounds and even my style were literally chosen on a whim and what I initially felt was right. In fact, if you asked me why I made certain choices while I was working on a piece, my general response would be :
“I honestly don’t know”. 
To me my artwork’s meaning only becomes evident to me once it’s finished, and I get to see the work like a spectator instead of the artist. So my art is not made to invoke a stirring of your soul, to bring you to tears, or impose any feelings on you at all. I feel that my art should not make you feel something you were not already feeling. My work should not advise your emotions, but inspire a unique experience and reaction to its viewer. I hope that you too can find your own meanings in my work.
-Israel Rodriguez
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